The Ole Carrot – Radish Trick

One of my favorite time and space saving tricks (described in detail in my books) is one that I first learned fro my grandfather and then improved on. What he did was to mix a little sand in with carrot seed when he sowed it so that there would be good drainage and the seeds would not be so close together and thus easier to thin. I learned to skip the sand and use radishes instead, which had a couple of additional benefits. Check out the video to see:

ShepherdThe Ole Carrot – Radish Trick

More Video on Early Tomatoes

Jim Surkamp was good enough to come back and shoot a second You Tube segment to follow up on how we are growing our tomatoes. We’ve actually got about four different ways that we are using…perpetually in search of the most efficient and most productive we can find. We’ll try to keep this up throughout the season…

ShepherdMore Video on Early Tomatoes

A Little How-To Video About Tomatoes

I bumped into County Commissioner Jim Surkamp at the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday morning. He mentioned that he had been shooting some video of  the Princess Street garden a few hours earlier, and asked I would walk down with him so he could shoot a little more. This little You Tube video (largely unedited and shot spur-of-the-moment) is the result.

ShepherdA Little How-To Video About Tomatoes