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Garden maintenance on a yearly basis involves three basic systems: crop rotation, succession planting, and inter-planting. Each spring you should draw up at least a rough garden plan that lays out the location of the crops you’ll grow for that season, both those that will occupy a spot for the whole season, and those that may just occupy a spot as a quick crop, a green manure, or part of a short crop succession. Each of these seasonal plans should be kept with your garden journal, so that year to year you can keep track of what has grown where, and balance the demands that each crop makes on the soil. Over time you’ll be able to use these records to develop a system of planting that will give the best possible results in your garden.

If you have a digital camera it is even easier — just take pictures, and they will be automatically dated by the camera. Then type up a few notes and a list of plantings, and you’re done! You can get a lot more complicated if you want — either on paper, or on the computer — but it isn’t absolutely necessary…you just need to keep track of what you’ve done, when you did, and what came out of it.

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