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080425_071Today I took a break mid-day and rode down to the river, where Sarah mentioned a friend (who works for a tree service) might have some shredded wood we could have. Along the way I stopped by the town shed as I had also been told that they took town shreddings there.

When I got to the river I didn’t find much of what I was looking for, but I did come upon a landscaper mowing a large overgrown lawn nearby leaving behind copious amounts of lawn clippings. Now I am not always fond of lawn clippings — especially from immaculate suburban lawns — because they might include residual weed-and-feed chemicals, or even insecticides, but its a statistical fact that most lawns are ignored rather than managed, and given the overgrown nature of this one, I figured it to be that type of situation…

Fact is that lawn clippings, dried a day, make an awesome mulch for the growing-bed paths, and will provide a large part of the nutrition needed for the garden if you have a big enough expanse of grass, so I flagged down the guy doing the mowing and got permission to come back tomorrow (after they’ve dried a day) and rake them up — a real win-win since they were too thick to be good for that turf — to do our side paths.

When I got home I asked Sarah if she would call the town garage — she knows the head of the department — and it turns out we can have all we want of the waste shreddings they have there. So it looks like we are going to be able to scavenge a whole ‘nother set of materials for this garden!

Of course there is going to be labor involved….but I can’t really complain about the cost.

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