Eggs_on_Celeriac That’s what I call it, though if you look it up on the Internet – boy do I love the Internet — the citizen science site Bug Guide calls it the Black Swallowtail after its mature form. Whatever you want to call it, I was out watering the celery roots today, and the hose got tangled up in the end of the bed.

I am very distracted these days by putting the finishing touches on the new Seed 2 Table Network site so I have not been giving the garden the attention it deserves (yes, a contradiction!) but I noticed as I was untangling the hose the underside of a celeriac leaf, and the enormous number of eggs it had on it.

A quick consultation with Bug Guide confirmed their identity. Problem is: I don’t want my plants eaten, but I do want to preserve the Black Swallowtails. Guess I will have to do what my grandfather always did, and tithe a certain amount of my harvest to the beasties….