We have tried to make this site as practical as possible, with accurate and actionable information…but we realize that there will always be times when we are asked to explain the background, the foundational information on which our opinions and actions are based. To that end we have prepared a series of “backgrounders,” pages that provide information that does not apply just to one situation, one location, or one crop, but rather supply the framework on which each of these things fits, to provide a solid basis for activism in the rebuilding of our food traditions.

About Seeds

Seeds are at the heart of vegetable gardening, yet many gardeners misunderstand the realities of how, where, and why seed is grown, and even more, the effect that seed selection has on harvest results. There have been enormous improvements…[more]

About Pesticides

Throughout the Seed 2 Table site you will see recommendations for particular pest controls, very few of which involve the spraying or dusting of pesticides. Nonetheless, a basic understanding of what pesticides are and how they work is invaluable. ..[more]

Losing Bt

The discovery and development of microbial pesticides like Bt, or Bacillus thuringiensis, was big news twenty years ago. These have proved remarkably effective over the intervening decade and have become a near essential component of many organic gardeners’ pest control programs. Yet it is likely that we will be losing some of these valuable biological tool in the next ten years—maybe even sooner… [more]

About Fertilizers

One of the basic principles of organic gardening is to feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants; then the plants can feed you. From a practical standpoint, there are two parts to the process of creating a continually healthy, productive garden…[more]

What is N-P-K?

Of course there is more to plant nutrition than N-P-K, the three letters required to be on every bag of fertilizer, but sometimes it is easy to forget that in the hubbub of commercial garden chatter. This backgrounder covers the basics of the big three nutrients plus some others you ought to know about…[more]




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