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Here is a compilation of the videos on the Seed 2 Table Network site. Some of these were filmed directly and some are created from presentations we’ve given over the years. We’ll try to get narrations of the presentations uploaded as soon as we can, but the slides fairly well speak for themselves.

From the Garden

These videos made by Jim Surkamp…

Intensive Gardening Methods

Starting with broccoli, but focusing mostly on tomatoes, and the different methods of trellising them, as well as early transplant protection.

Early Tomato Update

This video shows the same tomatoes as the video above, about a month later, and goes into more detail about tomato trellising.

Carrots Love Radishes Part 1

A video that discusses intensive planting, especially the Carrot-Radish interplanting and their interaction with leeks.

Carrots Love Radishes – Part 2

This part re-visits the beds shown earlier, and concentrates more on the leeks, and the replanting of fall crops for an intensive seven-crop bed.

Presentations to Various Groups Around the Country

Organic Gardening 101

This presentation is a basic primer on organic methods, and how to establish a new garden in your backyard.

Urban Agriculture

This is a presentation about Urban Agriculture world wide given the Delaware Center for Horticulture in Wilmington, DE.

Sustainable Landscapes

A presentation given as part of the US Botanic Garden’s series on Sustainable Landscapes in Washington, DC.

The Seed 2 Table Lecture Series (2011)

These are PowerPoints of the original Seed 2 Table lecture series presented over six Tuesday nights during the spring of 2011 at the Bavarian Inn of Shepherdstown, WV.

Seed 2 Table Week 1

The basics of good (organic) gardening.

Seed 2 Table Week 2

How to build a kitchen garden from scratch.

Seed 2 Table Week 3

Seeds & Seedling…sowing, growing and managing.

Seed 2 Table Week 4

Maintaining your kitchen garden.

Seed 2 Table Week 5

Dealing with problems:  pest, diseases, weeds…the weather.

Seed 2 Table Week 6

Tasty tips:  how to grow (and use) the best tasting vegetables ever.

From Classes Taught at Shepherd University

Plant Growth

Some basic botany, plus a primer on how plants grow.

Plant Responses

How plants respond to outer stimuli, including how gardeners can “persuade” plants to do what the gardener wants!




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