Off to Sichuan and Yunnan

This blog is going to have to go on hold a while, as I leave this Saturday for three weeks in China. I will be visiting research and botanic gardens in Sichuan (map) and Yunnan (map) provinces and meeting (soon to be) at a number of ag and forestry universities there.

I am really looking forward to it (though these last few days home a getting a bit hectic as I finish off the last of my pending local projects and prepare materials (and gifts) for the trip. If want to follow events on this trip (with a lot of picture, I hope), here is a link to the China Blog I have created.

I will post here again on my return and try to catch up on the garden stuff…I have sown a bunch of seed and transplanted some Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli  that friends will be tending while I am gone.

Also as soon as I get back I will hosting my old friend and editor Warren Schultz who will be passing through the DC area on his way to a two year Peace Corp stint as an Urban Ag Specialist in Senegal. While he is here I hope to hook him up with my friends Musa from The Gambia and Vera from Cote d’Ivore.

ShepherdOff to Sichuan and Yunnan