Plant Triage

Today I had to yank out two very nice Gem Marigolds that I had planted at the end of my second pepper bed because they were out competing the single Habanero pepper plant set betwixt them. While I am sure that they would have all grown together in an aesthetic way, the fact is that I want Habaneros and it ws two against one. So out they go!

ShepherdPlant Triage

Squash Experiment

Most gardeners — and even gardeners’ friends — know about the zuchinii glut. Oh, yes! But there is a second squash “problem,” too, and that is the way the plants get out of hand and block nearby paths as they vine out…yes, they call them a bush plant, but mine get at least four or five feet long, and that is way too big for a three foot raised bed garden! This year I am going to find a solution.

ShepherdSquash Experiment