What’s Happening Here?

Here it is mid-August in the Mid-Atlantic United States, and at sunrise it is 48F...that is 20-25 degrees below what we would normally expect, and it looks like we are in for a spell of this weather. I’m not complaining, mind you. This is excellent planting weather for fall crops, and most years it is painfully hard to come by. The cool weather crops don’t like the heat (lettuce for example, won’t sprout above 80F) so just getting them to germinate requires tricks like setting the trays on a cool corner of the cement slab of the garage.

What really triggered this post was the flock of geese that just went over. When I lived in Vermont, mornings in the 40s and geese flying over were the signs of approaching fall, and the first frosts. Obviously that is not going to happen here, but it is a little disorienting.

Worse yet (at least to me) is the fact that a cool spell will give the politicos in Washington (only 70 miles east of here and in the same weather zone) one more reason to doubt the reality of climate change, when this is nothing if not proof it to me. Oh, well…make the best of it:  I’m off to plant some greens!

ShepherdWhat’s Happening Here?