Principle 4: Lose The Calendar

The fourth basic principle of organic gardening is to work with the natural, seasonal cycles in your garden and nature will do much of the work for you. Plant to miss the peaks of insect reproduction; schedule your harvest at the best time for flavor and ripening. To do so takes attention on our part to the daily details of life in the garden, to observing the subtleties of the interaction between the plants, the animals, the weather and the seasonal cycles of earth, air, water and sun. It takes thought to find the “touch points” at which the gardener can tweak the system to create a surplus — a harvest — without disturbing its equilibrium.

The Six Principles of Organic Gardening

  1. Feed The Soil
  2. Take Only What You Need
  3. Embrace Diversity
  4. Lose The Calendar
  5. Intervene As Little As Possible
  6. Live and Learn

For a little more depth you can check out this YouTube from a lecture series I gave in Shepherdstown, WV a few years ago. Sorry there is no audio, but I am converting the whole series into a free downloadable book. If you would like to be on the list to receive a copy of the free book on organic principles when it is finished, email me at seed2tablebook(at) and I will put you on the distribution list. This list will only be used to notify you of new book releases. To receive regular updates on this website, you should Subscribe to Garden Smarts by Email.

ShepherdPrinciple 4: Lose The Calendar

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